Our new packaging due to release in 2020 is designed with no plastic hangers. Our printers are committed to the continued protection of our fragile environment and have instituted a number of policies designed to improve the sustainability of the business and its impact on the environment. 

They use certified stock where possible - stock processed from timber that has been legally harvested with a minimum of environmental harm thereby ensuring economical, ecological and socially sound outcomes. Using sustainably sourced paper and board, plus recycled paper options, and use only soya-based inks and water soluble wash-up products.

The inks are Soy Based which is 100% environmentally safe. 

Their plates are CTP Chemical Free so no chemicals are used when producing our plates ready for printing and our wash up is done using only water.


 Compostable Courier Bags / 100% Recycled Courier Bags

Depending on availability we use R3pack's range of compostable bags or 100% Recycled bags.

Compostable Courier bags are made with corn starch, PLA and PBAT. These compostable bags are certified to comply with the International Standards for home and commercial composting.

R3pack's 100% recycled courier bags are made from post-consumer and post-industrial material, these bags are made entirely out of waste.  Even the packaging bag and removable adhesive backing is from recycled materials. 


Soft Plastic Recycling

We are lucky where we live to have the ability to recycle soft plastics. Any soft plastic from our stock deliveries is sent to soft plastic recycle stations where it then gets turned into products such as fence posts and ducting.


Made in New Zealand

Our manufacturer believes heavily in sustainability and is based right here in New Zealand. The raw merino wool is sourced from a supplier who has been a bluesign® system partner since 2001. Their cotton suppliers have signed the Better Cotton Initiative and are Oeko tex Standard 100 class1 certified. They also utilise strategic partnerships with factories who have signed declarations promoting ethical employment. Our manufacturer chooses to actively manage their consumables and are always looking to reduce the impact of this consumption.

Water: Sourced from local sources and all waste water is treated via local treatment plants

Power: Is sourced from local rain fed renewable resources continuing to drive their power consumption down, via the use of Industry 4.0 methodology.

Emissions: Natural gas is used for firing its boiler. Natural gas much more efficient and cleaner than other forms of firing such as heavy oil or diesel.


 100% Recycled Paper

Our invoices are printed on 100% recycled chlorine free copy paper (PEFC recycled)