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Merino Wool School Socks + Tights

Kids School Socks

Stock up on school staples with our multi-sock packs. Available in grey, navy and black, these merino socks meet most school uniform guidelines, while keeping your kids comfortable all day, year-round. Because Merino regulates temperature and naturally wicks away moisture, merino socks keep feet fresh when the weather is warm, and warm when the weather is fresh! Our award-winning knee-high socks are an especially popular choice with parents for their stay-on and stay-up-ability!

Navy Blue School Socks

Navy blue, a classic colour that's become almost synonymous with school uniforms worldwide. Our navy blue school socks aren't just about adhering to tradition; they're about setting a new standard. Feel the Lamington difference with every step.

Navy Blue Knee High School Socks

Fancy a bit more length? We've got the navy blue knee-high school socks, perfect for those brisk mornings or simply to make a style statement. And it's not just the lads we're catering to. For boys and girls alike, we offer navy blue knee-high school socks that suit everyone's needs. From boy’s school socks that can withstand lunchtime sport sessions to girl’s knee high school socks that blend style with comfort. 

Grey School Socks

Our grey school socks are more than just a stylish accessory to complete your uniform; they embody a commitment to delivering premium quality. Manufactured with precision, they're not just for the colder winter months but are equally fitting for summer, ensuring that your feet stay cosy and comfortable all day long. 

Boys School Socks

Boys can be tough on their clothing, especially when it comes to socks. With all the football matches during break and the spontaneous races in the hallway, boys require socks that can keep up. Enter Lamington’s range of boy’s school socks. Durable yet incredibly comfy, they're every boy's (and parent's) dream come true.

Girls Knee High School Socks

Every parent understands the hustle of morning routines, getting the kids ready for school. In these crucial moments, you'd want everything to be seamless. And, believe it or not, the right pair of socks can make a significant difference. With our great range of girl’s knee-high school socks, your little girl won't just be ready for school; she'll be excited for it!

The snug fit ensures they stay in place, so there's no need for those midday adjustments. Plus, the high-quality fabric is gentle on the skin, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the school day.

For Every Child - Shop Lamington’s Range of Kids School Socks

School days are some of the most memorable times in a child's life. With Lamington’s range of kid’s school socks, we ensure every step they take is in sheer comfort. After all, happy feet lead to happier days.

Besides, we also offer a wide range of kids’ sock collections for parents to browse through


Where are your socks made?

Every pair, whether it"s the classic navy blue school socks or the girls' knee high school socks, is manufactured with pride in NZ. For the young lads, our boys' school socks are not only stylish but also durable. For young ladies, the girl’s knee-high school socks are a perfect blend of comfort and elegance. 

Don’t fret if you're looking for neutral shades, our grey school socks have got you covered! No matter which style you choose, from kids' school socksto any other, rest assured, knowing they carry the quality of NZ-made socks. 

Why are Lamington"s kids' school socks the best choice?

Why are Lamington"s kids' school socks the best choice, you ask? Well, when it comes to little feet that are always on the move, we've got you covered! Our kids' school socks have been carefully designed, bearing in mind the energetic and non-stop world of children. Whether it's for running around in the playground, participating in school sports, or simply walking around the school premises, a snug fit is crucial. And that's precisely what our socks offer.

But it's about more than just the fit. We're proud to say our kids' school socks are breathable, ensuring that those little toes remain fresh and free from sweat even on the busiest of school days. And as if that wasn’t enough, we've made them from top-notch quality materials. So, not only do they feel soft and comfortable, but they're also durable.



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