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Merino Wool Men's Ankle Socks

Men’s Ankle Socks

These men’s ankle-high socks are just what you need for those toasty sunny days. Whether you’re heading out for a brisk morning run, a leisurely cycle around the town, or just a pleasant stroll in the park, these socks are your go-to choice. But that's not all! They're equally fitting for those times when you're just out and about in casual attire, embracing the day. So, next time you're rummaging through your sock drawer, choose men’s ankle socks to step out in style and comfort.

Men's Warm Ankle Socks

Lamington's specially curated collection of men's warm ankle socks ensures that you never have to choose between comfort and style, even when it's cold out there! These are not your average socks, mind you. Manufactured with top-notch merino wool designed to lock in that much-needed warmth, they're your foot’s best friend during the cold season. So, if you fancy giving your feet the VIP treatment they truly deserve, look no further than our men's warm ankle socks. Comfort and style? You can have it all at Lamington Socks!

A Classic Essential: Black Ankle Socks (Men’s)

Explore classic sophistication with our stunning black ankle socks men’scollection. Every pair echoes the essence of timeless style and practicality, making them an essential item for every stylish gent out there. Whether you're slipping into a sharp suit for an important business meeting or pulling on your favourite pair of weekend jeans, these socks effortlessly complement every outfit. 

So, for those who have an appreciation for the finer, simpler things in life, and enjoy some minimalistic charm, our black ankle socks (men’s) are more than just an accessory; they're an absolute essential. Not only do they add a dash of style, but they also promise unparalleled comfort, ensuring your feet are snug and stylish, no matter the occasion.

Support Local, Support Lamington

Every sock, proudly made in New Zealand, is not only a symbol of exceptional quality but also a contributor to the economic well-being of our country. Our decision to localise production is a blend of sustainable operations and unmatched quality.

Wearing our men’s ankle socks means more than just relishing in top-tier comfort. It signifies a deliberate decision to back a brand rooted in its local heritage and passionate about community.

Buy Men’s Ankle High Socks Today

Searching for the ideal mix of comfort and style? Dive into Lamington’s men’s wool sockscollection and discover our top-notch men’s ankle socks. Perfect for every occasion, our men’s ankle-high socks will have your feet feeling pampered and looking sharp. Whether you're hitting the gym, stepping out for a casual stroll, or dressing up for an event, our socks fit the bill. Why wait? Experience the unmatched quality of Lamington today. Order now and get ready for comfort and confidence!


Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Lamington Socks has ships all around the globe. Whether you"re ordering men’s wedding socks, women’s ankle socks, kid’s socks or something else - we've got you covered.

Where are your men’s ankle socks made?

Just like all our socks at Lamington, our men’s ankle socks are made right here in New Zealand. We take immense pride in manufacturing these comfy essentials locally. It ensures the quality is top-notch, and it also supports our local communities. After all, there’s something special about wearing socks that carry a touch of home with them. So, next time you slip on our men"s ankle socks, you'll not only feel the comfort but also the satisfaction of New Zealand-made designs.



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