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Merino Wool Women's Knee High Socks

Merino Wool Long Socks for Women

Award winning knee-high merino fine knit wool socks are known to be "the socks that stay up and stay on". Shop the full collection of women's knee-high socks.

The perfect sock for indoor and outdoor, work and home. In gumboots, ski boots or riding boots or just snuggling up in bed, these will be your favourite socks x

Why you’ll love our knee high socks for women

Discover the wonders of Merino wool with our Merino knee high socks for women! 

Renowned for its exquisite softness and warmth, Merino wool is the star of the show in our collection of knee high wool socks.

Their fine fibres offer a luxurious feel against your skin, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the day. 

Carefully sourced from Merino sheep, our high-quality wool delivers superior breathability, making our knee-high socks the perfect choice for long-lasting wear. 

Say hello to comfort and style with our merino knee high socks for women, designed to keep you cosy from dawn till dusk.

Stay cosy all day with knee high women’s socks

Merino wool works wonders by naturally wicking moisture away from your skin, keeping you dry and cosy all day long. 

Not only that, but our long socks for women are also known for their incredible insulation, keeping you warm in cooler temperatures while still feeling lightweight and breathable. 

Say goodbye to chilly toes and hello to unmatched comfort and style with our merino knee high socks for women, the perfect choice for staying snug in New Zealand's cooler climates!

We’re passionate about ethical wool sourcing

At Lamington Socks, we're serious about ethical sourcing and sustainability. 

Proudly made in NZ, our knee high wool socks for women feature high-quality Merino wool sourced from our pristine environment.

Teaming up with local manufacturers who share our sustainability vision, we prioritise eco-friendly practices at every turn. 

From utilising renewable resources to responsible consumable management, we're dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint. 

When you choose our knee high wool socks, you're not just choosing comfort and style—you're supporting a network of Kiwi businesses committed to a brighter, greener future for New Zealand.

You’ll love shopping with Lamington socks

Experience top-notch customer service from our helpful team! We make shopping for long socks for women online shopping quick and hassle-free. 

With over 1500 5-star reviews, our happy customers rave about our service. Plus, we've donated 1500 pairs of socks to charity! 

Explore our collection of Merino knee high socks for women in NZ today and enjoy easy online shopping with quick delivery to your door. 

Quality guaranteed, you'll love wearing our long socks for women for years to come!

Buy knee high wool socks for women online now!

Step into comfort with our Merino wool knee high socks for women! 

Don’t forget to check out our full collection of women's socks, including our famous Merino socks and Merino wool tights.

Whether you lean towards the classics or colourful statements, we've got your perfect fit! Explore and buy now for cosy sophistication!



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