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Merino Wool SOCKS - MAN

Merino Men's Wool Socks NZ

There’ll be no complaints about receiving Lamington Merino socks as a gift! Our warm and comfortable mens Merino socks in NZare a staple for you or the men in your life. Durable enough to go along with the tougher tasks like work and exercise, but soft and stylish enough to look and feel good, too. Let personality peep through with patterned socks, or stock up on some everyday staples for work or play.

Lamington Socks: Mens Socks Worth Talking About

At Lamington Socks, we understand that socks aren’t just a mere accessory. They’re an expression, a comfort and most importantly, a necessity. So, when you’re hunting for the best mens socks NZ has to offer, we’ve got your feet covered. 

Why Every Gentleman Needs Quality Mens Socks

Quality mens socks are a sign of a well-dressed man. It’s important to remember that quality isn’t just about aesthetics, though. Our socks are designed for the best fit, ensuring that your day starts right with your first step. Whether you’re out for a brisk walk or seated in an office meeting, breathable socks for men are crucial to keep those toes happy.

Explore the range today to find your perfect pair, from mens ankle socks to mens dress socks in NZ.

Choose Our Warm Socks for Men For those Chilly Mornings

Cold feet are a thing of the past with our collection. Designed with care, we offer some of the best warm socks for men that NZ has to offer. Our warm socks for men are ideal for chilly mornings, late-night adventures, or simply enjoying a cup of tea by the heater.

Dive into the World of Wool: Mens Wool Socks NZ

Wool isn’t just for jumpers. Our mens wool socks in NZ are designed for warmth, comfort, and style. The blend offers an exquisite feel that only gets better with time. Whether you're out in the country or bustling through city life, our wool socks are a treat for the feet.

Merino Wool: Your Ideal Choice For Breathable Men's Socks

Merino wool is known for its comfy and breathable qualities, making it a popular choice for mens socks. It's soft, breathable, and perfect for everyday wear. Lamington’s merino socks are a blend of warmth, comfort, and a dash of style. Every stitch and fibre is designed with care. For those chilly days or just regular wear, consider merino for its natural comfort and warmth. They’re also perfect for Summer, as Merino is extremely breathable. All in all, our mens wool socks in NZ are a great choice for any occasion!

Buy the Best Mens Socks NZ Has to Offer at Lamington 

A sock is not just a sock at Lamington Socks. It's an experience, a journey, and a story told from the yarn up. We’re not just selling quality mens socks; we’re offering a slice of luxury, a dash of style, and a whole lot of comfort.

In our collection, you’ll find an array of styles suited to every occasion, every mood, and every whim. So, whether you're hunting for the best breathable socks or simply want to upgrade your sock drawer, Lamington Socks is the place to be.

Come, step into our world of comfort. Your feet will thank you.


Can I wear these socks year-round?

Of course you can! Our men’s Merino socks in NZ are meticulously designed to regulate your feet"s temperature just right, ensuring that you stay wonderfully cool during those sun-soaked summer days and snug as a bug during the chilly winter months. So, whether you're taking a stroll on a balmy summer evening or rugging up at home in winter, trust in our socks to keep your feet in ultimate comfort. Go ahead, wear them 365 days a year and feel the Lamington difference.

Why should I choose Lamington over other mens socks NZ brands?

At Lamington, we"re all about the love for our local NZ community. When you choose our men’s mens socks NZ collection, you're supporting a brand that gives back to the local economy. We're chuffed to say our quality mens socks are all manufactured with utmost care right here in NZ. Opting to keep our manufacturing local, we prioritise ethical methods and unmatched quality.

Every time you wear our socks, you're not just treating your feet to top-notch comfort; you're actively choosing a brand that deeply appreciates its homegrown heritage and is committed to supporting local jobs in NZ.



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