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It was an accidental success story for founder Sarah Teensma. Lamington, her boutique range of merino socks and tights made in New Zealand, started out in 2005 as a kid's T-shirt brand. In 2008, socks were added as an extra for retailers. When stores began to request socks only, Sarah realised she had found her niche.

She knew little about socks, she admits, but knew what she liked and wanted - socks that stay up, and stay on, and keep feet warm and dry, in timeless colours and designs. Sarah aimed for high-quality, made-to-last alternative to other socks, with comfortable fit inspired by ski socks. She also wanted to ensure kids' socks wouldn't fall off and would keep legs warm - hence knee-high designs which stay up.

"The feedback we get time and time again is that once people have worn Lamington socks, that's it. They don't want to wear any others." Sarah says. "It's the fine knit, the warmth, the fit - it all adds up to a magic formula."

While the range was initially designed for infants and children, Sarah found that women, who avidly bought socks for their kids, wanted their own Lamington socks. Once a women's range was launched, Sarah's husband borrowed her socks and became addicted, and a men's range was born.

Sarah, a mum herself, works with a team of 3 in Auckland. "I love coming to work," she says. "The people I have worked with have had such a massive influence on the brand. It's really important to me that we all get on really well." Lamington socks and tights are knitted in New Zealand, something which is equally important to Sarah and ensures the brand's high quality standards are met.

Stocked in high-end retailers around New Zealand and the world, Lamington have definitely earned their status as the country's "top-drawer sock".

Sarah the Lamington sock boss had a chat to the lovely Jane from Queenstown Life Magazine. Listen on iTunes or Spotify



We are a team of 4, 3 Mums with 9 children between us ranging in age from 6 to 18 plus a total of 7 Cats, 2 Dogs, 1 Bunny and a whole lot of fish!

Sarah is the sock boss who distracts the rest of the team daily with funny stories.
Abby is our Media and Brand Manager, she is the brilliance behind our beautiful photography and social media.
Channelle is our friendly Sales Manager, she looks after all our lovely stockists.
Ash is our Warehouse Co-ordinator and looks after our customer service, she takes care of our online customers and orders and keeps our office and warehouse running smoothly.