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July 26, 2023 3 min read

Oh, let us tell you about the wonders of merino wool tights! They are seriously a game-changer. Picture this: slipping into the softest, most luxurious fabric that caresses your skin like a gentle hug. No more itchiness or discomfort! But here's the real magic – it's like having a personal temperature regulator. When it's chilly outside, the merino wool keeps you warm and cozy without feeling bulky. And when the sun's shining, it somehow manages to keep you cool and dry. These tights are a saviour on busy days when rushing around because the merino is naturally odour resistant. Whether at work, shopping out for dinner or running errands these tights will keep you feeling feeling fabulous and comfortable. Its just another bonus knowing that merino wool is a renewable resource, it will make you feel good about your choices. Let us tell you more about merino wool tights, and specifically, Lamington merino tights.


Tights can be a great alternative to socks for warmth and comfort. So many occasions where you will feel lucky to have your favourite Lamington pair on hand:


  • Cold Weather: Lamington Tights are an excellent option for staying warm in cold weather, especially when you want to wear skirts, dresses, or shorts. They provide an extra layer of insulation and help to keep your legs warm and cosy.


  • Layering: Lamington Tights work well as a base layer under other clothing, Fabulous with skirts and dresses. They add warmth without adding bulk, allowing you to wear your favourite outfits even in chilly conditions.


  • Fashion and Style: Lamington Tights come in various colours, patterns, and textures, making them a fashionable accessory to enhance your wardrobe. They can add a pop of colour or a unique touch to an otherwise simple look.


  • Corporate Wear: In workplaces with corporate dress codes, Lamington tights offer a way to wear a variety of options, skirts, dresses, and trousers, while still being able to keep warm.


Merino wool tights are a type of legwear that cover feet, legs, and tummies. Made from merino wool, a high-quality and versatile material known for its excellent insulation and moisture-wicking properties. Merino wool comes from the merino breed of sheep, which produces fine and soft fibres that are comfortable to wear.

Lamington is a brand that specialises in designing merino wool socks and tights. Lamington are known for their high-quality products made in New Zealand. Lamington's merino wool tights for women are designed to provide warmth, comfort, and breathability, making them ideal for colder weather or outdoor activities.

People love merino wool tights for so many reasons. The natural property of merino wool means they thermoregulating. What does this mean for you, they can help keep you warm in cold temperatures while also wicking away moisture to keep you dry. Additionally, merino wool is odour-resistant and offers a soft and luxurious feel against the skin.

When considering merino wool tights, it's important to check the specific product details, such as the weight of the wool and the thickness of the tights, as these factors can affect their warmth and comfort for different situations. Lamington offer a range of colours and styles. There is a plain flat knit range in Navy, Grey and Black and a beautiful fashion range which changes with seasons. This season they are available in Fern Green, Night Blue and Spice are available in a lovely waffle texture.

While merino wool tights may be more expensive than synthetic alternatives, their exceptional properties and overall comfort make them a preferred choice for those seeking high-quality.  Whether corporate, or everyday wear, merino wool tights can provide comfort, warmth, and style.

Layer up in style with beautiful merino wool tights by Lamington. Offering warmth, practicality and style, merino wool tights are an essential wardrobe addition, especially for those cooler months. Enjoy your favourite skirts and dresses year-round by layering up with these stylish staples. And on those super chilly days or when it’s time to hit the slopes? These tights fit snugly under your ski pants, with a high waist to provide an extra layer of warmth when it’s needed most.






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