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September 07, 2021 2 min read


It’s all in the name

Probably the most frequently asked question we get about our socks is the name, “where did you get the name”, “why did you call the brand Lamington, do you like Lamingtons?”, “is it Lamington, or Lamb-ington?”, “are they called LAMBington because they are wool?”.

Who knew that the name would be so intriguing? I wish I could regale you with a childhood story about Lamingtons, but I can’t. My Grandmother did not teach me how to make Lamingtons and then inspire me to start a business, neither did I have a pet lamb called Lamington that I hand reared with a bottle. The truth, far less exciting, but the truth none the less is I liked the sound of the word. I liked that fact that Lamingtons are iconic to New Zealand. I wanted a name that spoke to New Zealanders and implied its heritage without being too obvious. Much like our favourite teatime treat, our socks are also proudly made in New Zealand.

I love the name and it has served us very well. It is iconic and memorable, sweet, and simple. It is also very helpful when on the phone and need to spell it, “L.A.M.I.N.G.T.O.N, like the cake”, this might not work so well if not in New Zealand (or Australia). The jury of course is out on where Lamingtons originated, NZ or Australia, this is not a debate we are going to enter, we are more than happy to share and let’s just say it is Antipodean.

Fifteen years on and we still love the name, we even designed Socks in its honour. We have become very knowledgeable as to where you can buy the best Lamingtons, there are a few local cafes and bakeries we like to frequent.

We hope you love our Lamingtons as much as the ones your Grandma used to make x



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