About us

The story of New Zealand's top drawer sock.

The Lamington™ journey began back in 2005 as a kids' t-shirt brand! But fed up with baby socks that were too short and wouldn't stay up or stay on, Sarah embarked on a mission to find the perfect sock for her daughters.

It proved to be a fruitless search. Sarah soon realised that Kiwi parents lacked a practical, comfortable, well-made alternative to the cheaper bulk buy socks. And so she took matters into her own hands.

In 2008 she added a sock line to supplement her t-shirts during the winter months. Demand for the socks very quickly revealed Sarah wasn't alone in her search, so she ceased production of the t-shirts to focus on her Lamington™ socks.

Today, Lamington is a very busy venture! Sarah and her small team are responsible for virtually every aspect of the business, from designing the socks to responding to customer enquiries and overseeing production and distribution to nearly 300 stockists throughout New Zealand and around the world.

But after all these years the mission remains the same – create quality merino socks right here in New Zealand.